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The Serena Group is committed towards offering optimum employment opportunities to the citizens of all those countries in which it operates. Of the approximate 3,000 people currently employed throughout East Africa,is virtually 100% local hiring. Serena is an equal opportunity employer and actively empowers women in management.

The Group is also committed to the concept of offering employment opportunities, school-leaver exposure and training to those communities that surround the national parks and reserves in which it is located.

Employment and labour relations
Serena Hotels places great importance on human resource development and the equitable and fair treatment of its employees. Placing a high value on excellence, Serena believes that placing a strong focus on employee development is integral to the maintenance of world-class service and optimum customer satisfaction. The group believes in offering employee facilities, health support, training and personal advancement opportunities beyond those required by statutory laws and regulations. New employees are also made fully aware of the terms of their employment, their legal rights and the benefits entitlement during their mandatory induction and training period.

Training and personal development
The Serena Group offers continuous and systematic programmes of both on-the-job training and off-the-job training. Training, which is a continuous process, is extended to both new employees and old. The company also encourages individuals to pursue self-study courses for their own development and offers financial support to employees who show determination and tenacity in following such programmes.

The Serena Wellness Programme
Each Serena Property is equipped with a staff clinic manned by a full time qualified nurse. In the event of illness, treatment is provided free of charge; alternatively staff are referred to a designated hospital for free external consultation and in patient treatment. The Group also offers a Serena Employee Wellness Programme, which has been designed to answer all the health needs, not only of the Serena Community, but also the communities that surround our lodges and hotels. Holistic in approach, the Programme aims to radically reduce the incidence of accident and illness in the workplace by means of a series of targeted awareness campaigns, which promote health lifestyles, leading to maximized potential and optimum quality of life. Our campaigns, all of which are supported by rigorous policy documentation cover: maternal health; health and safety in the work place; HIV/ AIDS awareness; malarial prevention; sexual harassment; gender equality; and drug and alcohol abuse.

Serena service recognition
Serena operates both a Fidelity Awards Scheme and a Long Service Award Scheme in recognition of the loyalty of service of its employees. In addition the company has a Pension and Life Assurance Scheme which is contributory for both the employer and the employee after one year of employment. Every unit operates an employee's Savings and Credit Society while those leaving the Group may apply for financial support for their new business ventures.

Accommodation, meals and transportation
Employees deployed at the lodges in rural areas are provided with residential accommodation, meals and transport. All Serena employees are provided with meals.

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