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The Serena Group and Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to the development of those projects that accord optimum regard to environmental concerns in terms of; design, planning, construction and operation.

We will be sensitive towards monitoring the interests of the local population; particularly with regard to the safeguarding of their traditions, culture and future development.

We will practise a responsible attitude towards energy conservation in terms of the reduction and recycling of waste; the control of sewage disposal, air-emissions and pollutants; the reduction in use of such unfriendly products as CFSs, pesticides and other toxic substances; and the reduction of noise and visual pollution.

We will be sensitive to the conservation of environmentally protected or threatened areas, species and scenic aesthetics. We shall also aim to achieve the enhancement of the landscape, wherever possible, by means of indigenous plant material reinforcement.

We must conserve rather than exploit nature.

Serena Hotels Group Managing Director


Serena Hotels group Managing Director Mr. Mahmud JanMohamed
Discusses the value of CSR for business, society and the environment.

Download the Complete Interview (featured in UNWTO e-magazine Tourism and the Millennium Development Goals of 2010.)




Our corporate environmental mission statement

The Serena Group believes that corporate social responsibility (CSR) should not just be about philanthropy and compliance but that it should also offer a more holistic corporate approach towards economic, social, and environmental impacts as a whole. The group also places strong emphasis on measuring its success, not only in terms of financial gain, but also in terms of the degree to which it has contributed towards local economic development, environmental conservation and social justice.

Sustaining the environment

The Serena Group leads the field in East African and southern Asian eco-awareness and eco-policy implementation. We insist upon; eco-complimentary architecture; the use of local materials, skills and labour; waste recycling; pollution-reduction and non-CFC use; solar and wind generation and low energy-use devices and heat recovery systems. We also host a number of revolutionary tree planting and indigenous plant re-stocking projects; butterfly-breeding; and turtle-protection projects. Since environmental protection must extend into all levels of the community, the Group also offers community training on environmental responsibility.

Supporting the national economy

The Serena Group is a significant contributor towards governmental revenue in all the countries in which it operates.

Promoting good governance

The Serena Group recognises the need to conduct its business in accordance with generally accepted best corporate practices and in line with the global principles of corporate governance and business ethics.

Working with the local community

Serena hotels are located in some of the most beautiful areas of the world. These areas are shared with an extraordinarily diverse range of local cultures and ethnic groups, all of which cherish their own particular cultural traditions and heritage. The Serena Group is committed both to protecting and sustaining the lifestyle of such groups and showcasing and promoting their individual cultural heritage. Such promotion includes the inclusion of local designs, fabrics, handicrafts, sculptures and artworks within the design concept of the hotel or lodge, promoting local handicrafts in the hotel gift shops, and in showcasing local cultural traditions by means of dance, song, musical and theatrical displays for the hotel guests. The group also offers educational talks and cultural insights to visitors from overseas and encourages them to make culturally interactive visits to the local towns and villages. Visits are also arranged to local schools during which children of different cultures may exchange ideas.

Supporting the local economy

Wherever possible, the Group purchases its raw materials from the local community. This may take the form of fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy products and a wide range of other food stuffs. The Group also works with local suppliers and out-growing schemes so as to enable local growers to meet the exacting quality standards required by the group, as well as to practise economies of scale in supply. In some areas, recycling projects have been founded, which allow the Group to recycle waste foodstuffs into animal fodder. The Group also uses local suppliers of those goods that cannot be produced locally as well as ensuring that a minimum of packing materials/biodegradable materials are used in their supply.

Supporting the local society

The Group is committed to the concept of the creation of optimum economic opportunities for the local communities in which it operates. These can take many forms, such as; employment, supply of raw materials, supply of handicrafts or supply of local dance troupes. The Group also offers health care in the form of free medical consultations and subsidized medication through its on-site clinics. As an extension to this concept, the Group also operates a Wellness Programme, which offers community education on the basics of healthy living and the dangers inherent in such health hazards as Malaria and HIV/AIDS. As far as infrastructure is concerned, the Group is committed to providing clean drinking water for all those communities that surround their hotels and, in many cases, to providing good road connections to local markets and community centres.

Youth support

The Group is committed to supporting the youth of the local communities via the provision of career, leisure, educational and training opportunities. The Group also extends youth employment opportunities by hosting regular career talks and involving local school-leavers in job-experience schemes.

Charitable donations in cash and in-kind

Serena and its staff support a broad range of charitable causes and community initiatives. These take many forms; cash, supply of foodstuffs or clothing, hosting of community events or provision of employee-time in the form of visits to orphanages, hospitals, old-people's homes or mental institutions.



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serena csr

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