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GDS code & commissions

Serena Group has partnered with GDS companies to make it easier for our Travel Agents to be able to book our hotels online.
Travel agents can either book directly on our website using their IATA numbers or through the GDS.
Our GDS codes are as in the table below.

Nairobi Serena Hotel 26098 NBO007 23914 6007
Serena Beach Hotel and Spa 102187 MBASER  92560 17000
Kigali Serena Hotel WV101863  WVKGLSER  WV91662 WV17004 
Lake Kivu Serena Hotel WV 104004 WV GYI005 WV 99104 WV 17005
Kampala Serena Hotel 51011 EBB015  91591 6015
Dar-es-Salaam Serena Hotel WV 059336 WV DARHHH WV 83475 WV 22804
Zanzibar Serena Hotel 2354 ZNZZSI 88444 ZNZZS
Lake Victoria Serena WV 105550 WV EBB368 WV 16377 WV 74368
Polana Serena Hotel WV 054782 WV MPMPOL WV 29727 WV 5126
Islamabad Serena Hotel 65087 ISB878 53157 1878
Dushanbe Serena Hotel 147752 DYU338 7543 76338

Our GDS commission structure 

We use the globally accepted WPS (World Payment System) as the medium by which we make commission payments to our travel agents. As you are aware, payments are made only after the client has checked out of our hotel. We will also appreciate it if our agents will allow 30 days between client check-out and commission remittance.

Withholding tax

The taxation authorities of certain nations require that we deduct withholding tax from the payments we remit to our agents. In order to comply with national regulations in this respect, we trust our agents will appreciate that we have no option other than to make such deductions. We will, however, supply all relevant tax certification in respect of any deductions made, while our accounts department will be pleased to assist with any queries in this regard.

Working together for the future

Our accounts team remains dedicated towards providing immediate response to any queries our agents may have. In the interests of ensuring instant clarification, however, we would like to supply a list of rapid response contacts for commission queries. They are as follows:

Commission queries: Africa

Email :
Tel : +254-20-2842000

Commission queries: Asia


Phone: (051) 200 5000

UAN: (051) 111-133-133

Fax: (051) 287-1091

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