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Join Serena Hotels East Africa in Embracing Earth Hour 2014 with the rest of the World - March 2014

Join Serena Hotels East Africa in Embracing Earth Hour 2014 with the rest of the World - March 2014

Serena Hotels East Africa will this year join the rest of the world in embracing the Earth- Hour on the 29th March 2014, from 8.30pm- 9.30pm.

For about seven years now, Earth Hour has been observed globally by individuals and businesses and for one hour, lights are turned off even as people contemplate on conserving the planet and most importantly, draw attention to global warming, and the impact our energy system has on the planet.

To honor this global event, Serena Hotels East Africa has planned on a number of activities, and this is why you need to be at the Nairobi Serena Hotel on the 29th March 2014, from 8.30pm.  

Notably also is Serena Hotels’ effort to conserve energy usage in its daily operations at the lodges.

Serena Hotels have been very active in energy conservation over the years. Whilst most of the Serena Lodges are located in remote areas, and most are not even connected to the main electricity grid, electricity in the lodges is generated through the use of diesel powered generators. To further reduce the negative effects of environmental pollution, the Company has installed an inverter system which has resulted in reduced fuel usage, and a reduction of noise and air pollution.

Seven Serena Properties in Tanzania and Kenya have additionally, over a 5 year period saved approximately USD 1.8 million; 1.5 million liters of fuel and 51,762 generator hours (equivalent to about 5.9 years of 24 hours generator usage). With a property base of 24 Hotels, Lodges, Safari Camps and Resorts in East Africa and Mozambique, the hotel group has planned a number of activities across its units that will see guests, members of staff and other business partners also participate in this global event.

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