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Magical Lake Elmenteita Serena Camp

Magical Lake Elmenteita Serena Camp

This unattained Eden may be alittle-known haven, but is visited annually by over half a million birds of more than 450 species.  Lake Elmenteita’s rocky lava islands provide the only East African breeding grounds for the Great White Pelican, while its alkaline waters attract vast flocks of flamingos.  Over 15,000 wild animals inhabit this unspoiled wilderness, including large herds of endangered Rothschild giraffes and many other rare species.  But until now, few people have had the opportunity to experience this exceptional sanctuary.

The sundowner site is located up the cliff overlooking the lake and from where you can see the pelicans and flamingos from a vantage point. Buffaloes also love to graze along the lake shore below.  Guests can either be driven up which is a 15 minutes’ drive through the acacia vegetation. You can be able to see Impalas, Zebras and lots of birds on your way up. The even more adventurous guests can be escorted up the hill by our guide as they enjoy the flora and fauna so rich in this area.

Our waiters are dressed in the local Masaai outfit with a special cocktail drink and are always glad to usherI guests. The bar is spread out overlooking the Lake with OldonyoEburu dormant volcanoes at the background, which is a perfect set up for an African Sundowner cocktail party.

The hot air balloon experience is one that you cannot afford to leave out. Charges are Kshs. 22,000 for residents and USD 420 for non- residents.Guests need to book and confirm by 4.00 pm the day before the balloon safari.Once this is done, guests are picked up from the camp and driven to the launching ground. The tour takes 1hour and ends with a bush breakfast before guests are driven back to the camp.

Bird watchers game driveis for the more discerning birdwatcher! This takes you through the thick vegetation along the lake shores and very close to the breeding grounds where one can take up close photos without disturbing the birds from the bird hide.The drive should take about 2hrs covering all the four bird hides.

Kariandusi visit/Hyrax hill

The Kariandusi site is only a 10 minutes’ drive while the Hyrax hill site is 25km away or 20 minunte’s drive towards Nakuru.

Hot spring fish farm visit

The hot water spring is located about half an hour drive from the camp.It is a protected area managed by the local community. Guests of Lake Elmenteita Serena Camp have a choice of driving directly to the hot spring or take an option of hiking through the fish farms where they have an opportunity to catch fresh Tilapia from the fish ponds. Interestingly the ponds are supplied from the hot water springs which enables Tilapia to do well in such a cold environment.The combined trip should take half a day with guests having their picnic lunch on site.If guests are driven directly to the water spring, it should only take 2hours.


Hot spring: USD 100

Kariandusi /Fish farm and hot spring: USD 130

Hyrax hill: USD 100

Inclusive of applicable fees to the museum / fish farm and hot springs


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