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Online E-Visa Application to Kenya

10th Spetember 2015


Reference is made to the above subject.

Following some challenges that have hampered full implementation of the newly introduced E-Visa application system, the government has decided to allow the two systems run concurrently until such time, the E-application process is seamless.

This is therefore to notify visitors to Kenya through all the ports of entry that those who will not have secured E-visa before travel, shall upon arrival at the designated ports apply for their visa manually as it was before.

Thank you for your continued cooperation on this subject

Mrs. Phyllis Kandie

Cabinet Secretary

East Africa Affairs Commerce and Tourism


1st September 2015


The Government of Kenya has rolled out an online visa application portal accessible on

With effect, from 1st September 2015 all visa applicants will be required to apply and pay for visas online to enter Kenya.

Application process in 3 easy steps:

  • Click Create an Account on
  • Under eVisa Visitor, select Create Account to register, follow instructions and click on Continue
  • Fill the application form (read the instructions carefully) and pay securely using your Visa or Mastercard
  • Download the evisa from your evisa account.
  • Present your printed eVisa to the immigration officer at your point of entry.

The visas will be processed and sent online to applicant(s). 

By Kenya Immigrations Department

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