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Plastic Bags Ban in Kenya

The Government of Kenya has recently passed a new law in view of reducing the negative impact of plastic
bags on the environment, indeed an initiative that complements Serena Hotels waste management program.
As of August 28, 2017, the use, manufacture, and importation of plastic bags have been made illegal in

This plastic bag ban refers to both carrier bags such as grocery bags, supermarket bags, and duty-free
bags. The above mentioned plastic bags including duty-free bags will be confiscated at the airport/entry
points in Kenya. The use of plastic bags within Kenya can now incur heavy fines and possible
imprisonment. Bags which are used as packaging in which the product is in direct contact with the plastic
(such as chip/crisp bags) and in which the product is packaged at the source are exempt from this law.

The link below provides detailed information on the plastic bag ban:
Plastic Bags Ban.

We thank you for your continuous support and in the event that you require further clarification, please do
not hesitate to be in touch with our team.

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