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Serena, Jabana Residents Plant Trees

<strong>Serena, Jabana Residents Plant Trees</strong>

Article Posted by: Diane Mushimijimana: The Rwanda Focus

Serena Hotel staff joined residents of Jabana sector, Kigali, in a tree-planting activity.

Five thousand trees were, on Saturday, planted on six hectares of land to conserve the environment and protect the population from drought, soil erosion and other disasters.

Charles Muia, Serena Hotel’s country manager in Rwanda, said that the exercise is part of a tree planting project that is going on in the whole East Africa where Serena has branches.

‘We have invested more than $10,000 in this project to provide environmental support throughout the countries we operate in. We intend to plant 50,000 trees between now and April 2016,’ he explained.

Jean Sauveur Kalisa, the Executive Secretary of Jabana sector, commended this initiative, citing the importance of trees in forming rain. ‘The population that deals in agriculture will see their production improved when these trees grow,’ he says.

He sought more cooperation with Serena Hotels so that different exercises can be extended to other sectors. He mentioned the promotion of youth-friendly activities such as sports and entertainment that can be stimulated by building halls and playgrounds.

On behalf Serena Hotels, Muia said that they have also donated two Friesian cows to Jabana for milk production.

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  • <strong>Serena, Jabana Residents Plant Trees</strong>

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