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For optimum motivation of your team, why not consider the following incentives options:



Nature Trek

This is an opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities within a natural environment amidst wildlife. It’s a mental, physiological and psychological therapy for the body. It gives the pleasure and joy of being able to exercise the gift of physical movement of the body and learn the beauty of our natural flora and fauna. This is at an extra cost of $25 per person.

Birding Safaris

This is an opportunity to see the vast bird life at Amboseli guided by our Naturalist with the provision of a bird species list. This safari is one hour long and costs $ 10 per person.

Camel Rides

This activity is in corporation with the local community. The camel ride will be for 30 minutes and costs $ 40 per person.

Maasai Lecture/Dance

Encounter the marvels of the best kept Cultural Heritage from the Natives. Join our Culturalist as he ponders what it takes to be a Maasai. After a detailed lecture, you can join the warriors for a dance, test your jumping skills, photo session or just relax and watch. This is at an extra cost of $10 per person.

Amboseli Serena has taken a leading role in environmental protection and preservation with a comprehensive action programme, The Re-forestation Programme.

 This conservation scheme encourages guests at the Lodge to participate and plant “their” own trees. All the trees planted are indigenous species that consist of specifically drought resistant species such as Acacia spp., Mellia, Croton and Commiphora.

Environmental Conservation lectures

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