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Serena Never Disappoints

Serena, when do you ever disappoint?
this was nothing short of great.
a nice lovely small ( compared to other Serenas) hotel that I loved.
the ambiance is fantastic.
the coastal theme is beyond amazing.
the FOOD. ooh goodness beyond excellent ( especially there continental breakfast)

I loved it!!!

- Celine N., Nairobi, Kenya

Wonderful Experience

Right from the day we arrived, it was excellence par our expatiations. From the reception to the room attendant , from the kitchen staff to the beach towel boys…everyone gets 10 out of 10 !! They were all courteous and other hotels should learn a thing or two from them. Always with a smile on their face.

The food was of very high standard, everything fresh, and on no occasion ran short of anything. The chefs who kept an eye on the buffets did a wonderful job, not only cooking such wonderful dishes but also saw it that there were no shortage.

The beaches are sandy and beautiful with hardly anyone. Even the hawkers are licensed so no pestering

Serena is of very high standard and for sure we will encourage our friends to stay there if ever they go out to Mombasa. We have stayed in quite a few Mombasa hotels.....this has to be tops !!!

We do not have enough words to express our gratitude for making our stay very comfortable.
Well done and thanks once again.

- SAQ777, London,UK
Serena Beach Resort and Spa Guest Reviews

Serena Beach Resort and Spa Guest Reviews

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