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Dining at the Hunza Serena Inn

Dining at the Inn offers choices of Pakistani, Local, Continental, and Chinese cuisines. Hunza Baltit Inn has a reputation of serving the best food in the entire valley.

Osho Maraka

Located on the 1st level, Osho Maraka serves lavish buffets at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with an a la carte menu as well. Osho Maraka is regarded as the best place for Pakistani, Continental and Chinese cuisines in the region.

Baltit Lounge

With a day’s advance notice, guests can be served themed dinner in Baltit Lounge where local delicacies are followed by traditional Hunza musical and dance performances.

Diran Terraces (BBQ Lawns)

From June to mid September, traditional BBQ is served with local live music at the Diran Terraces (BBQ lawns), which offer spectacular views of Mount Rakaposhi and Mount Ultar, especially on moonlit nights.

Hunza Baltit Inn restaurant

Hunza Baltit Inn restaurant

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