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Essential Kabul Facts


Arid to semiarid; cold winters and hot summers.


The official languages of Afghanistan are Pashto and Dari, which are spoken by 85 percent of the people.


The Afghani is the currency of Afghanistan. It is notionally subdivided into 100 pul, although there are no pul coins in circulation


Kabul International Airport is a short drive (20 mins) east of the city center. The new international terminal is now fully open, whilst the old terminal is now used for domestic flights. Kabul International Airport is the hub of Ariana Afghan Airlines, Afghanistan's national carrier, which flies to Delhi, Dubai, Frankfurt, Dushanbe, Islamabad and Istanbul as well as to a number of domestic destinations.


UTC + 4.30.


Electrical current is 240 volts; 50Hz. Square two- or three-pin plugs are used.


Afghani tap water is not safe to drink. Bottled water is provided in all Serena hotels and resorts and all ice is made with boiled and purified water.



International: country code is 0093

 Email code: .af

Telecommunication services in the country are provided by Afghan Wireless, Etisalat, Roshan TDCA, MTN and Afghan Telecom. Television and radio broadcastings are available in most parts of the country, with local and international channels or stations. Package delivery services such as FedEx, DHL and others are also available.

Visa and Health Certification

A visa must be obtained before arriving in Afghanistan.


A number of vaccinations are recommended for visitors to Afghanistan (check with your doctor in advance).
Malaria is endemic in Asia and protection against it is necessary.
HIV/AIDS represents a serious problem throughout Asia.

Medical insurance

Travellers to Afghanistan are recommended to obtain medical insurance prior to arrival.


Drivers drive on the right. Visitors require a valid international driving permit and a carnet de passage.


Because Afghanistan is a conservative society revealing clothing (sleeveless tops, shorts, miniskirts, tight or body-hugging items of clothing) is unacceptable. Women should be prepared to cover their head when in the mosque, in a crowded bazaar or in conservative company. Sunbathing in public view other than in a hotel is not acceptable.


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