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Protecting Nature and Local Communities

We are very grateful to have the privilege of being approved to establish one of very few holiday homes inside the National Park. Our gratitude extends to the support of our surrounding communities, as well as the entire staff of our resort as well as guides, dancers and entertainers. Therefore, we carry out a large number of ecological projects, as a way to support and maintain the natural environment and surrounding communities.

Diversification projects carried out for a variety of needs, include the following :

- Our partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) for the park to implement sustainable tree planting projects. Our staff regularly works with KWS on ‘garbage collection day’ to keep the park environment clean.
- We build classrooms for local schools, as well as providing tables, teaching equipment and sports facilities.
- We offer training courses to help local community members understand the  importance of using clean water sources to reduce diarrhea cases. We also
provide clean drinking water for local communities. In order to reduce malaria cases, we provide mosquito nets for local communities.
- We provide temporary and long-term work for the people of the local community and provide training and internships for college students.
- We encourage guests and local people of the village to communicate by enjoying organized sightseeing tours as well as promoting the sale of handicrafts.
- We show Maasai dance, costumes, singing and cultural events to support and sustain our national heritage.
- We help local orphanages and hospitals, mainly through the provision of food and our staff as a volunteer to help.

To reduce any ecological footprint from the hotel we comply with the relevant Code of Practice

Energy (an inverter system has recently been installed to reduce the use of diesel generators) waste recycling (glass, plastic, wet garbage and distribution of food waste to local pig farmers), use of CFC-free products, monitored pesticide use. We also work to reduce noise and visual pollution Where possible we use only locally sourced produce to support local industry and ecology.

In order to improve the quality of health of all our workers we have created employee health schemes at Serena Hotels. We take care of the health needs of Serena employees and the surrounding community. Essentially, the program is committed to reducing accidents at work and the incidence of disease; facilitate the promotion of healthy lifestyles and promoting quality of life.

Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge - Eco Tourism

Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge - Eco Tourism

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