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Explore Lake Manyara in Tanzania

The Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge stands on the 900-metre high Mto wa Mbu escarpment of Northern Tanzania. 130 kilometres from Arusha, it is immediately adjacent to the colourful market town of Mto wa Mbu (Mosquito Creek) where several tribes converge to form a linguistic mix that is one of the richest in Africa.

The Mgubwe, Sukumu, Iraqw, Gorowa, Irangi, Tatoga, Chagga and Maasai have used Mto wa Mbu as a trading post for centuries and it is the only place on the continent where you can hear the four major African language groups, Bantu, Khoisan, Cushitic and Nilotic spoken in the same area.

Lake Manyara is a shallow alkaline lake, which lies in a cleft in the Great Rift Valley.

40km long and 13km wide, its water level is highly changeable and can dramatically affect the numbers of water birds present. Lake Manyara National Park covers 325 sq kms of land, one third of which is typically covered by water.

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Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge

Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge

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Lake Manyara National Park
Mto wa Mbu Escarpment, Northern Tanzania

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