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Breakfast in the bush

The real 'Out of Africa'

Not many experiences are more memorable, or as typically Kenyan, as breakfast in the wilderness. Setting off after an early morning cup of tea, our Mount Kenya forest breakfast allows you to enjoy a guided walk through the forest, which will end with a full English breakfast, served in a forest clearing. Enjoy a glass of chilled ‘buck's fizz' while you savour the experience. We supply Wellington boots in muddy weather. The walks are led by our resident naturalist who will offer information on flora, fauna, ornithology, local history, biodiversity and conservation.

What you will see on the nature walk

Highlights of the walk include: a number of giant wild strangler fig trees with massive buttressed roots. These trees have always been considered sacred by the Kikuyu people, who traditionally believe that they offer a resting place for their god, Ngai. The walk also features some large Pear-wood trees, whose hollow trunks were used to post messages during the Mau Mau insurgency when Kenya’s freedom fighters retreated into the forests of both Mount Kenya and the Aberdares to conduct a form of guerrilla warfare against the British colonialists. Such trees were used not only to post messages, but also to store arms and munitions. The guide will also offer insights into the many medicinal plants that grow in Kenya’s forests.

Wildlife around the lodge

Common species around the lodge and its water hole include:

elephants, black rhinos, buffalos, water bucks, leopards*, warthogs, colobus monkeys, Syke’s monkeys, spotted hyenas*, bush babies, sunis, genets, giant forest hogs*, bush pigs*, red duikers, tree hyraxes, marsh mongoose and aardvarks*.

* denotes those nocturnal animals that can only be seen at the floodlit waterhole.

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Mount Kenya National Park

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