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The ‘Maisha’ Spa menu of treatments

Our treatment range is as holistic as our concept. Choose from energizing ‘hot-stone' massages in the style of the ancient Maya civilization, luxuriant nature-based body wraps, masques and ‘body glows'; or the latest state-of-the-art facial and body-perfecting regimes, from the respected house of ELEMIS, one of Europe's premiere spa-specific brands.

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Spa Face

We offer a broad range of facials; choose from:
For her: ‘Advanced Performance Anti-ageing Formula', ‘Visible Brilliance', ‘Pro-Collagen Marine', ‘Oxygen Skin-Calm', ‘SOS Purifying', ‘Fruit Glow' or ‘Lavender Repair'.
For him: ‘Skin IQ', ‘Urban Cleanse' or ‘Advanced Anti-aging and Ultra De-tox'.
All our facials include therapeutic hand, arm and scalp massages.
The Ayurvedic Head Massage
The ideal complement to a facial, why not try our ‘Ayurvedic Head Massage', an ancient Indian therapy, which is especially designed to relieve tension in head, neck and shoulders; ideal of headaches, sinus congestion and eyestrain.

Spa Muscle

Muscle massage is a vital ingredient in holistic health care, releasing muscle tension, rejuvenating pores, increasing blood and lymph circulation, eliminating toxins and reducing mental fatigue and stress. We offer the ultimate in professional massages for both sexes, all of which utilize client-tailored combinations of aromatic oils. Choose from:
‘Deep Tissue Muscle Massage', ‘Deep Tissue Back Massage', ‘Classic Swedish Massage', or ‘Frangipani Aromatic Massage'.
Andean Hot Stone Therapy
THE ultimate in Spa treatments, the much sought-after ‘Hot Stone Therapy' uses tactile and softly rounded stones, brought from the Andes, and imbued with mystic strength, which are gently heated and used in long stroking movements to massage and caress your entire body, leaving you in a state of deep relaxation and calm.

Spa Skin

Rejuvenate, cleanse and polish your body to perfection with this unique body exfoliation, and invigoration routine, which utilizes nature-based body rubs and ultra-nourishing body wraps to make your skin glow with health. Choose from: ‘Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow', ‘Exotic Coconut Rub and Milk Ritual Wrap', ‘Exotic Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap'. Or how about Serena's own exclusive ‘Maisha Coffee Body Scrub'.
The ‘De-Tox Special'
Purify your skin and tone your pores with our ultimate detoxification treatment, the unique ‘Cellutux Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap'.

Spa Back

We offer a unique range of back-specific therapies, ranging from ‘Deep Tissue Back Massage', to the ‘Body Specific Back Facial'

Spa Feet, Spa Hands

Treat your feet; nurture your hands with our exotic range of hand and foot massages, skin therapies, manicures and pedicures.
The ultimate holistic treatment, this ancient Ayurvedic therapy applies gentle massage and pressure-point stimulation to the soles of the feet, so as to locate areas of blocked energy, which may be affecting the entire body. Relaxing, stimulating and holistically healing.

Spa Groom

We also offer a complete range of grooming regimes to include: eyebrow and eyelash tinting, eyebrow shaping, and body exfoliation.

Spa Rituals

A combination of all our treatments, the ‘Spa Ritual' is the ultimate in luxurious relaxation and intensive rejuvenation, comprising; client-tailored facial treatment, scalp massage, hand and foot renewal and your choice of massage.

Honeymoon Spa

Especially designed to sooth, relax and celebrate the beauty of togetherness, this unique treatment is a sublime combination of ‘Relax and Caress Body Massage', ‘Exotic Fruit Body Glow' ‘Gentle Body Brush', ‘Hot Stone Therapy', ‘Ayurvedic Head Massage' and ‘Fruits of the Indian Ocean Body Wrap'. Ideal for before...or after the big day.



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