Ol Pejeta House sundowners

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Scenic sundowners on the savannah plains

The ultimate safari experience

Few experiences rival the glory of sunset over Africa, especially when the scene is set amidst an amphitheatre of mountains and enhanced by a selection of tempting cocktails, beers, wines, soft drinks and canapés. Leaving camp as the sun begins its descent, guests may enjoy an evening game drive before arriving at a panoramic stretch of open savannah, where gazelles, antelopes, zebras and giraffes graze. To the south-east tower the snow-capped spires of Mount Kenya, to the west the majestic Aberdare Range, and to the east the gentle folds of the Loldaiga Hills. And, once the sun has sunk behind the Aberdares, there's still an exciting evening game drive back to camp to be enjoyed. Children over 12-years are welcome.

Ol Pejeta House sundowners

Ol Pejeta House sundowners

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