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The Islands of the Zanzibar Archipelago

The island of Zanzibar (also known as Unguja) is known as the ‘Spice Island' because of its long-standing association with the clove industry. A low-lying stretch of land, approximately 37 km off the coast of Tanzania, it has always exerted a powerful fascination over the imagination of the world, that is out of all proportion to its size. Zanzibar Town, on the western side of the island is the main settlement, the best-known part of which is Stone Town. Directly east of Stone Town is the growing section of Ng'ambo whilst to the north of the town are a number of pristine beaches. At the northern tip of the island is the dhow-building centre and tourist resort of Nungwi, whilst some of Zanzibar's best beaches are to be found along the eastern shore. The Zanzibar archipelago also includes the neighbouring island of Pemba and numerous small islands off shore to include Changuu (Prison Island), Bawi, Cahwani (Grave Island), Tumbatu, Mnemba, Chumbe and the sandbanks of Nyange, Pange and Murogo.

Stone Town

Stone Town is the oldest section of Zanzibar Town and is made up of a labyrinth of winding lanes, ancient stone houses, Arabian arches, heavy carved wooden doors, circular towers, narrow latticed windows, overhanging balconies and a fascinating selection of bazaars, curio shops, art galleries and spice troves. Considered by many to be the heart of Zanzibar, Stone Town is the only functioning historical city in East Africa and remains much the same today as it was 200 years ago - alive with a bustling crowd of ‘bui bui' veiled women, travelling tea sellers, banks of old men chatting on the ‘baraza' (benches) of the alleys, skulking cats and laughing children. In amongst its tortuously twisting lanes is also a fascinating cross-section of history - the Portuguese Fort, the Sultan's Palace, the old Dhow Port, the Old Slave Market, the House of Wonders, the Old Dispensary and the home of arch slaver, ‘Tippu-Tip', to name but a few. You will discover Zanzibar Serena Hotel is ideally located in Stone Town.

Other cultural sights in and around Stone Town include:

The Climate

Zanzibar enjoys a typical Equatorial climate. From December to March the weather is hot and relatively dry with a cooler period from June to October. The heavy rains are from March to the end of May and the short rains usually arrive during the month of November. The climate lends itself to an unforgettable beach holiday in Zanzibar.

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