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Supporting Conservation and Local Tourism

<strong>Supporting Conservation and Local Tourism</strong>


April 2014: Olpejeta House, one of the two Serena Hotels’ properties in Nanyuki (Olpejeta Conservancy) had the pleasure of hosting the Hon. Phyllis Kandie- who is the Cabinet Secretary for East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism.

Hon. Kandie was on a visit that saw her inspect some of the conservation projects undertaken by the Olpejeta Conservancy.  

The Cabinet Secretary applauded the exceptional efforts being made to protect endangered wildlife in Kenya. She visited “Sudan”- one of the northern white rhinos and noted that even though the Ol Pejeta Conservancy may be doing it best to ensure 24hour protection for this endangered rhino species, Kenyans and the World at large still had a personal responsibility to conserve wildlife and nature.

In her statement to the team present, the Cabinet Secretary made a rallying call to the rest of the world to visit Kenya.

“Kenya is a peaceful and one of the most beautiful countries in sub-Saharan Africa” she said. Her message to Kenyans was simple, “this is our heritage, let’s get out there and enjoy it in all beauty and glory. Tembea Kenya.”

The Cabinet Secretary also made a call to Kenyans to continue supporting local tourism.

Serena Hotels support this call noting that tourism is no longer the second largest source of foreign exchange revenue and thus the urgent need for local tourism support.

Whilst the Kenya Tourism Board for instance may be responsible for maintaining information pertaining to tourism and marketing Kenya as a tourist destination Kenyans must first support the Kenyan economy and promote its rich heritage.

According to Serena Hotels, a large proportion of Kenya's tourism focuses on safaris and tours of its great National Parks and Game Reserves. And whilst most tourists do visit for safari the country has so much more to offer in its beautiful sceneries, national parks, game reserves, conservancies and basically- its national heritage.

Kenyans are urged to consider incorporating holiday plans into New Year resolutions for instance- and noted that this will ensure people plan and budget for holidays, and more so take advantage of the competitive holiday offers for a chance to explore some of Kenya’s magical destinations.

For Serena Hotels, the local market currently contributes up to 30% of its business and this can increase if Kenyans actually purposed to travel locally. One way that local travel has now been made easier is by innovative payment plans such as its “Lipa Pole Pole” plan that allows clients pay for holidays to local destinations for up to 14 days before travel.

The group further noted for instance that the trend in travel now indicates that local tourism booms at certain periods of the year only such as Easter holidays and the Christmas period which are basically the peak travel period and generally most expensive, and encouraged Kenyans to take advantage of the low seasons in the tourism industry which are April all through to end of June; and even the shoulder season which is November through to 20th December- because these periods traditionally have the industry offering the most affordable travel rates possible.

Notably is that organizations such as Serena Hotels and other industry players have presented the Kenyan market and the rest of the world with a varied travel and holiday product portfolio and competitive rates to ensure accessibility- why not take advantage and help boost the economy?

  • <strong>Supporting Conservation and Local Tourism</strong>

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