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The Selous Re-opening

<strong>The Selous Re-opening</strong><strong></strong>


The closed period of April and May has brought us back together again to this authentic wilderness of Selous.  Game experience resumed exactly at the very start of June 2015 on making game experience, boat cruises and bush walks more excited.

 Heavy rains that precipitated during the rain season have paved a way for green bush with timely cool weather conditions during the mornings and evening. This kind of climate in Selous perfectly evolves and comfortably prevails before getting into the hot and humid in August. Swamps and lakes that swelled up have fairly reduced in size, making maneuverability possible for nice views of hippos, elephants, crocs, fish, raptors and water birds, as most game tracts run around them at Lake Makubi, Lake Sejese, Lake Tagalala, Lake Nyamiluba and Lake Manze.

Within few days since opening of business on May 30th, there has been some fascinating moment of stumbling into Elephants in habitats with tall grass and forests, a dog pack of 11 individuals, spotted hyenas, a pride of lions comprising of 6 individuals, leopards, kudus and Elands mostly seen at various game routes within stieglers, Behobeho, Lake Manze and Miombo areas as well as Rufiji river boat cruise.

The greater RufijiRiver is back to its normal volume of low which is good for boat trips, spot fishing and sundowners. This is a period which abounds huge population of Tiger fish which favorite   to most guests interested in sport fishing.

Another excitement for our guests that would soak themselves and have that warm feelings at the Hot springs pool as the water level is steady running near Lake Tagalala.


  • <strong>The Selous Re-opening</strong><strong></strong>

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