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2015 marks the second year of a three-year partnership between Serena Hotels and Lions International. The partnership is premised on a collective goal of planting over 15 million trees throughout the country, and, so far, the outlook is very promising. This year’s exercise saw Serena Hotels, along with Lions International, the Kenya Defense Forces, Pioneer Assurance, Nairobi Water Company, Stand Up Shout Out, and several others from the community, plant over 12,000 tree seedlings at the Ndakaini dam water catchment area. Last year alone, over 25,000 tree seedlings were planted in the same venue with an overwhelming 80-85% survival rate.

Ndakaini dam, which draws its waters from the Aberdare ranges, is the main water source of Nairobi County. The tree planting initiative is geared towards the sustainable supply of safe water to the Ndakaini dam, through conservation of the catchment area. Seedlings, for tree planting exercises, are obtained from nurseries operated by local youth and women entrepreneurs in the country, and technical expertise is sought from the Kenyan Forestry Research Institute and the Kenya Wildlife Service.
The Ndakaini tree-planting program is only one of the many of Serena’s tree planting initiatives in East Africa. Others include the Kampala Serena Hotel partnership with the World Wildlife Fund Uganda to plant trees in the Navugulu Forest Reserve, as well as the Kigali Serena Hotels tree planting venture, which focuses on soil erosion-prone areas around Bwiza village, Ndera sector and Gasabo district, to name a few.

Environment and wildlife conservation form part of the Serena Group’s core values and business practises.


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