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Exterior View of Hunza Serena Inn in the winter season


Attabad Lake was created in 2010 by the devastating landslide. This lake is 14 kilometres long and offers an amazing experience with breathtaking scenery. First, stop at Shishkat in Gojal Valley surrounded by Attabad Lake, where guests can enjoy boating. The second stop is Gulmit in the Gojal Valley – surrounded by mountains, glaciers and historical village. Visit the Al Amyn Community School – the first of its kind in Pakistan to focus on preserving the linguistic heritage of the area by teaching the local Wakhi language. Meet the students and learn why this school is so innovative. Visit the old winter residence of the ruling Mir of Hunza, now home to a women’s carpet weaving initiative. Then lunch at the picturesque Borith Lake with views of Ultar Peak (6,735 metres).