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Entrance with the wall sign of Khorog Serena Inn


Garm Chashma Hot Spring is 42km from Khorog, on the way to Ishkashim. The spring is least several thousand years old and by now exists as a huge travertine mound cascading down to the river. The curved cascades are bright white, yellow and brown and range from 1,5 km long, 35-45 meters wide and from 7 to 35 meters high. The water comes out of the earth in the form of micro geysers from 10 cm to 1,5 meters high. The place is very popular with locals as well as pilgrims from other areas. The Garm Chashma waters provide a curative affect for those with skin and other health problems. The Bibi Fatima hot spring named after Prophet Muhammad’s daughter and is located in the vicinity of Yamchun Fort. Used by locals and pilgrims for its powers to cure infertility, it is 200km from Khorog.