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A poster of Milima Restaurant at Kigali Serena Hotel

Mongolian BBQ Lunch

Mongolian BBQ Lunch at Kigali Serena Hotel.

Is now back every Saturday for lunch at Milima Restaurant.

Time: 12:00hrs to 15:30hrs

Price: Rwf.22,500 per person

Great Hotel

"Conveniently located in Kigali and surrounded by peace and calm, Serena Kigali is my hotel of choice when in Kigali. It is a comfortable setting and their service is excellent. I enjoy their meals and their samosas are the best i have had in Kigali. Keep up the great service and attention to customer needs."

Jacob S, Jacob S 06 Mar, 2020

Comfortable and relaxing

'A very nice hotel, very relaxing environment, with a great pool and nice bar that makes for a nice relaxing evening spot. Very spacious and comfortable rooms. The food is also quite nice and with variety. Very nice and helpful staff as well.'

Eduardo C, Luanda, Angola Eduardo C Luanda, Angola 01 Mar, 2020


Consistent excellence

 Serena Hôtel in Kigali is a sure thing . The team has that rare quality : consistency . Every time we stay we are satisfied because the service is quality and the staff go out of their way to remember your preferences (for me it’s large four post mosquito nets because I sleep with the Windows wide  

Nyota, Nyota 01 Mar, 2017