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Boat Fishing in the evening near Serena Beach Resort & Spa

Sunset Cruise

You will arrive at the Kenya Marineland jetty to board the dhows by approximately 5:30 p.m.
The evening begins with a leisurely sail into the inland waterways of Mtwapa Creek on a traditional Arab dhow to experience the sun going down over the African wilderness. Various cooking fires of the local villages fill the air with the scent of giant baobab trees, making superb sunset photograph opportunities. Relax to soothing entertainment and delight in the breathtaking tropical scenery.

As night approaches, the stars begin to shine and the dhows join together. The torches are lit and the beat of cowhide drums set the scene for a spectacular limbo and acrobatic display followed by an authentic African fashion show.

With the night’s arrival, 18 Maasai warriors bearing flaming torches line the shore chanting their welcome ritual for the departure back at the Aquamarine Restaurant.

As the guests make their way ashore into the candle lit, open air palm tree terrace, the lights come on and a choice of delicacies begins.

The cost is USD 85.00 per person.