Lion Rock Breakfast

Price: $35 per person

*Requires a minimum if 4 pax.

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Amazing waterhole, room, food and service

My wife and I travel extensively and stayed here at the end of August 2019 as part of our tour package. Everything was as close to perfect as one can ask for including the amazing water hole where we saw all sorts of wildlife in a changing canvass sort of manner. One of the hotel's team members told…

Avnish S, Avnish S 01 August, 2019

Spectacular setting - excellent service (and lots of wildlife!)

We stayed here as a family for two nights in July. Last time I stayed here was about 40 years ago! There was a continuous stream of wildlife at the waterholes infront of the lodge, eleghants, waterbuck, buffalo, zebras, eland, ostrich, warthog, eland, baboon, giraffe, hyena. Lots of birds in the lodge…

David T., David T. 01 July, 2019

Stunning watering hole

The top feature is the panoramic view of the watering hole that is enjoyed from the dining, bar and coffee area - zebras, Buffalo, elephants and ostriches make frequent appearances. In the evening, we saw a cheetah and hyenas. Game drives allow for views of a wide range of animals in their habitat…

Felipe J, Felipe J 01 August, 2019

Perfect in every way

We recently stayed here for 2 days and were blown away with the place. The journey to the hotel was breathtaking offering some of the best safari views of Kenya including lava flows, bush trails etc. The location is about 90 mins from the entry gates and overlooks a stunning vista with two watering…

Clarkiefrom, Boroughbridge, United Kingdom ClarkiefromBoroughbridge, United Kingdom 01 August, 2019
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