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mbuzi mawe serena camp reception and lounge
Swat Serena Hotel Exterior
Serena Shigar Fort Residence
ngorongoro serena safari lodge exterior
Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge



Отели Serena зарекомендовали себя как один из ведущих мировых брендов гостеприимства, предлагая качественное размещение, уникальные решения для отдыха и конференций, культурное наследие и приключенческий туризм. Коллекция из 35 уникальных отелей, курортов, сафари-лоджей и кемпов, дворцов и фортов, расположенных в Восточной Африке (Кения, Танзания, Занзибар, Руанда и Уганда), Мозамбике и Южной Азии (Пакистан, Афганистан и Таджикистан), в самых интересных, чарующих, исторических и экзотических местах нашего мира.

The common operating philosophy at all Serena properties is attention to even the smallest details, exceptionally personal service and a continuous effort to meet and even foretell customer requirements. In addition, each property celebrates and reflects its area’s artistic idioms and cultural expressions with a view to giving clients a unique experience in every Serena. These values are central to Serena’s ethos and are the key elements that contribute to the strength and uniqueness of the brand.

Serena Care

We pride ourselves on the calibre of our service; but then we're very fortunate in our staff. We employ only the best; and not only do we ensure that they benefit from extensive training, health and community support, but we also believe in encouraging their full participation in both our present and our future.

Serena Quality

We believe our guests deserve the best - and this extends from the vibrancy of our cuisine to our choice of wines. We also believe in delivering optimum style of surroundings, uncompromising standards of comfort, extensive global connectivity and efficient business support. All properties in Asia and Africa are styled so as to complement the landscape, nurture the environment and celebrate the rich tapestry of local culture.

Treasuring Our Heritage

Tourism is about people, and we believe in introducing our visitors to the real character of their hosts. Our holiday destinations in East Africa and South Asia offer unusually complex and colourful ethnic tapestries, featuring a charismatic mix of peoples ranging from the scarlet-cloaked Maasai to the vibrant Baluch people of southeast Pakistan. This heritage is, however, fragile; and in order that it may be both preserved and nurtured for the future, we believe that the benefits of tourism must be shared with the local community.

Ownership of the Serena Brand

Serena Tourism Promotion Services SA (STPS SA), a Swiss entity is wholly owned (100%) by the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development SA (AKFED SA). STPS SA owns the brand Serena and is a hotel management company, and manages hotels under the Serena Brand in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Rwanda, Congo DRC and Uganda), Mozambique and South Asia (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan)

"Our Mission is to create outstanding facilities faithfully reflecting ethnic designs that offer the highest standards of product and service and to provide Management and staff with an environment that enables them to deliver operating standards beyond the level of our guests’ expectations, resulting in satisfactory returns to our stakeholders."

We are committed to the development of those projects that accord optimum regard to environmental concerns in terms of design, planning, construction and operation.

We are sensitive towards monitoring the interests of the local population; particularly with regard to the safeguarding of their traditions, culture and future development.

We practise a responsible attitude towards energy conservation in terms of the reduction and recycling of waste; the control of sewage disposal, air-emissions and pollutants; the reduction in use of such unfriendly products as CFSs, pesticides and other toxic substances; and the reduction of noise and visual pollution.

Serena is sensitive to the conservation of environmentally protected or threatened areas, species and scenic aesthetics. We shall also aim to achieve the enhancement of the landscape, wherever possible, by means of indigenous plant material reinforcement.

We always endeavor to conserve rather than exploit nature.

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Please use the links below to download our Board announcements.

Please note that you need Adobe Acrobat to read the documents that can be downloaded here.

Board Announcements:

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