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Experience a mesmerizing dining journey in Dawat restaurant at Islamabad Serena Hotel. Savour a meticulously crafted Pakistani menu and satisfy your curiosity with an open kitchen with the chefs live in action. Prepare to be swooned away with our signature warm hospitality and live Pakistani music for a complete soulful experience.




 Rasmasay Kebab (Ras-mas-ay; ke-bab)

Minced Chicken with spiced Fresh Fruits

Rs. 850


 Jhinga Pakora (jhi-n-ga; pa-ko-ra)

Succulent Prawns Fritters, seasoned with Ground Spices

Rs. 1950


Paneer Tikka (pa-nee-r; tik-ka)

Chunks of Paneer marinated in Spices and Grilled in a Tandoor

 Rs. 950

(All the above items are served with Mint, Tamarind, Plum Chutney and Walnut Raita)


 Shorba (Soups)

 Yakhni (yak-hi-ni)

Flavored Broth infused with Traditional Spices and Sautéed Onions with a

Choice of Chicken or Mutton.

Rs. 850


Mulligatawny (mul-li-ga-taw-ny)

A Traditional Lentil Soup, with Chicken and Rice, served with Lemon Wedges.

Rs. 725


Maharaja Shorba (maha-raja; sh-or-ba)

Seafood Soup with Spinach, Mushrooms and Fresh Coriander Leaves.

Rs. 1100



Sindhi Cuisines have come a long way from the times of the Indus valley Civilization.

It has had several influences in its past and continues to do so. Pre-partition Indian subcontinent played a

prominent role in the making of Sindhi cuisines as we know them today. Due to substantial influence of its

Indian origins, we see many similarities between Sindhi and Indian cuisines in terms of the spicy aromatic



Hyderabadi Murgh Masala (hy-der-aba-di moor-ugh;ma-sa-la)

Chicken Cooked with Onions, Tomatoes, Fenugreek and Pickles

Rs. 1100


Maghaz Masala (ma-gaz; ma-sa-la)

Lamb Brain Lightly Fried in Dry Ginger, Cooked with Garlic, Onions and Tomatoes Gravy.

Rs. 1750


Katti Daal (kat-ti; da-al)

Lentils Infused in Amchoor (Mango Powder), Cooked with Tomatoes and Onions.

Rs. 750


Sindhi Gosht Curry (sin-dhi-go-sh-t-cur-ry)

Tenderized Mutton Gravy with Onions, Tomatoes, Green Chilies, Garlic, Ginger, Yogurt and Mint Leaves.

Rs. 1750


Sindhi Machli Curry (sin-dhi; ma-sh-li; cur-ry)

Succulent Pieces of Fish in a Tangy Tomato Curry, with a Dash of Coconut and Red Chili Paste.

Rs. 1650



Punjabi cuisine specially brings to mind images of appetizing food. It is an infusion of

agriculture and farming lifestyle that has prevalent throughout Punjab for centuries and supported by

locally grown staple food. In the preparation of Punjabi food, onion, ginger and garlic are used

extensively to enhance the taste of the food. Hot roti and paratha (bread forms) are a part of all

vegetarian / non-vegetarian delights.


Tawa Tali Machli (ta-wa-; ma-sh-li)

Pan Fried Fillet of Fish Marinated with Local Spices

Rs. 1850


Murgh Handi (moor-ugh; han-di)

Boneless Chicken Cubes Cooked with Garlic, Ginger, Tomatoes, Onions, Cream and Butter

Rs. 1350


Jahangiri Chanp Masala   (Jaha-ng-iri ; cha-np ma-sa-la)

Mutton Ribs Dusted with Aromatic Spices, Cooked in Tomatoe and Onion Gravy

Rs. 2150


Palak Paneer (pa-lack; pa-ni-r)

Shallow Fried Cottage Cheese in a Healthy Spinach Gravy and Sautéed with finely balanced Curry Spices.

Rs. 950


Murgh Balti (mu-r-gh-bal,ti)

Chicken Fried in a Garlic and Ginger Paste, slow Cooked with Tomatoes Concasse, Infused

with Red Onion and Green Chili.

Rs. 1350


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Cuisines are strongly influenced by the rich cultural surroundings of the region.

The mouth-watering flavor of cooking originates from Afghanistan, Central Asia and Middle East.

The people in these regions do not prefer very spicy foods and have a more BBQ style of cooking.

They heavily rely on sheep and goats for their meat requirements. The food cooked is in the animal fat

which brings added flavor to the dish.


White Murgh Karahi (mur-gh; ka-ra-hi)

Chicken infused in Garlic, Ginger and Yoghurt, Cooked inGreen Chilies and Black Pepper

Rs. 1290


Shinwari Karahi (sh-in-wa-ri; ka-ra-he)

Mutton Cooked in Natural Fat with a Tomato Sauce

Rs. 1950


Kebab Karahi (ka-ba-b; ke-rha-i)

Mutton Seekh Kebab Cooked with Tomato Sauce, Green Chili and Fresh Coriander Leaves

Rs. 1650


Lamb Shinwari Tikka  (la-mb; shin-wa-ri; tik-ka)

Hardwood Charcoal Lamb and with Fat

Rs. 2250



Baluchistan Cuisine has a great influence of the surrounding regions like with Iranian,

Afghanistan andTurkish, cooks use the “Sajji” method of barbecuing whole lamb (on large skewers over

coal pits marinated only with salt) and bake the breads in a deep pit. The food contains hardly any

hot spices salt and traditional herbs are used to flavor the food. The use of animal fat is common.

The famous Afghani Nans or Qandhari Nan is used as a whole wheat bread.


Balochi Tawa Jeenga (ba-lu-chi; jee-n-ga)

Prawn immersed in a Spicy Tomato Concasse, Infused with local Spices and Red Chilies

Rs. 2750


Balochi Namkeen Gosht (Balochi; Nam-keen;go-sh-t)

Balochi specialty Mutton Dish, Cooked with Salt and Black Pepper

Rs. 2250


Ghadani Stuffed Kofta (gha- da-ni; kof -ta curry)

Minced Mutton Stuffed with Pickle, Tomatoes, Onions, Green Chilies, Ginger and Fresh Coriander

Rs. 1550


Tawa Sabzi (ta-wa;sa-b-zi)

Seasonal Vegetables Stir Fried in a Spicy Onion, Tomato Concasse Gravy.

Rs. 850


Kashmir (AJK)

Kashmiri cuisine is the cuisine of the Kashmir valley (region of AJK - Greater Kashmir Region).

Rice is the staple food of Kashmiris and has been so since ancient times.

Meat, along with rice, is the most popular food item in Kashmir.

The culinary art is learnt through heredity and is rarely passed to outside blood relations.


Kashmiri roghan josh

Mutton shanks, mildly flavored curry garnish with saffron fresh coriander



Shab deg Kashmiri

Mutton cubes flavored curry, turnip, saffron, fresh coriander leaves served with condiments

Rs. 1950


Kashmiri rajma

Lentils cooked in butter and tomato and onion, make a tarka mango powder tamarind pulp

to garnished with red chili whole, cumin, coriander and fresh curry leaves

Rs. 750


Kashmiri Ghost Pulao

Traditional pulao rice with mutton and fruits chef’s special recipe

Rs. 1650


Gilgit (Baltistan)

Gilgit Baltistan cuisine is as diverse as it is unique, using mostly organic food items.

Due to the heights of the area, the gastronomy is very High in protein (Whole wheat, butter, lamb meat,

Yak meat, nuts, apricot oil, rock salt); very healthy and as compared to other areas, the people are

living very long lives.


 Burus Berikutz (Appetizer)

Chapatti stuffed with homemade cheese, fresh coriander and butter

Served with mint chutney

Rs. 625


Dowdo Soup

Mutton cubes cooked in a rich flavorful broth with homemade noodles and fresh coriander

Rs. 750


Hoi Lo Garma

Homemade flatbread cooked with spinach, mustard seeds, nut paste and spices

Rs. 1350


Lamb harissa

Crushed whole-wheat and lamb meat slow-cooked overnight with butter

Seasoned with rock salt

Rs. 1550



Mughlai Cuisine is a style of cooking developed in South Asia by the imperial kitchen of the Muslim

Mughal Empire. This cuisine is the emulsion of Central Asia (where the Mughal rulers originally came from)

and North India (Hyderabad, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi) and Pakistan


Murgh Tikka Masala (murgh;tik-ka;ma-sa-la)

Chicken Tikka Grilled to Perfection in our Chef’s Secret Recipe

Rs. 1290


Tawa Murgh Malai (ta-wa: moor-gh; ma-lai)

Chargrilled Chicken Braised in a Chunky Tomatoes and Onions Salsa



Shahjahani Goshat Lazizi (Sha-h-Jaha-ni: go-sh-at ; laz-izi)

Mutton Chunks in a Flavored Curry Glazed with Aromatic Persian Saffron and Fresh Coriander Leaves

Rs. 2250


Mutton Noor Mehal (shik-ar-puri; moor-gh; ma-sa-la)

Mutton Cooked with Yoghurt and an Infused Sesame Seed Cream

Rs. 2350


Angaron Ki Soughat (BBQ) 

Most etymologists believe that “Barbeque” derives from the word “Barbacoa” found in the

language of the Taino people of the Caribbean and the Timucua of Florida and entered European

languages in the form barbecue. The word translates as sacred fire pit. The word describes a grill for

cooking meat consisting of a wooden platform resting on sticks.


Hazari Kebab (ha-zar-e kebab)

Seared Boneless Chicken with a Garlic Marinade. Topped with Green Chilies and Cheddar Cheese

Rs. 1850


Reshmi Seekh Kebab (re-sh-mee kebab)

Minced Chicken Marinated in Cream Cheese, Cashew Nuts, Onions and Traditional Spices.

Rs. 1550


Sheesh Kastori Kebab (she-esh qas-toor-e kebab)

Minced Mutton marinated with traditional Spices, Poppy Seeds and Fenugreek

Rs. 1750


Tandoori Batair (tan-doori-but-air)

Quail Marinated in a Traditional Spices and Yoghurt.

Rs. 1950


Special Lamb Champs

Chargrilled Lamb Ribs Marinated in a Fusion Blend of Ground Spices and Pomegranate,
Served with Chilies and Tomato Chutney.

Local Rs. 2500    Imported Rs. 6.500


Qaus-e-Qaza ke Chawal (Rice)

Murgh Biryani (Chicken)

Rs. 1450

Panjgori Pullao (Dates)

Rs. 1750

Chilman Biryani (Mutton)

Rs. 1750

Nouvaratan Biryani (Vegetables)

Rs.   990

Hyedarabadi Biryani Nuts)

Rs. 1350

Sindhi Murgh Biryani

(Aromatic Rice with Chicken Infused spices from the Region of Sindh)

Rs. 1390

Sindhi Gosht Biryani

(Aromatic Rice with Mutton, infused spices from the Region of Sindh)

Rs. 1850

Sada Chawal

(Steamed Rice with a Dollop of Butter)

Rs. 550


Naan Roti aur Paratha (Bread)


Rumali Roti (Phulka (Basket) - Paper thin bread


Sada Nan Basket) - Tandoori bread


Laihsun Nan (Basket) - Tandoori bread with garlic


Kalongi Nan (Basket) - Tandoori bread with seeds


Cheese Nan (Basket) - Tandoori bread with cheese


Tandoori Paratha (Basket) - Tandoor Buttered bread


Paratha Lachhey Dar(Basket) - Buttered bread from the skillet


Aloo Paratha (Basket) ­- Buttered bread stuffed with potatoes


Taftaan - Buttered bread stuffed with sugar


Basanti - Buttered bread stuffed gram flour


Mahraja - Buttered bread stuffed spinach cumin seed


Meetha Paratha - Sweet bread stuffed with sugar


Bread Basket (Choice of five from above)



Paimaina-e-Sheerien (Desserts) 

Shai tukra

Bread pudding with Pakistani sweet add saffron and nuts

Rs. 510

Gulab Jamon

Kneaded Sweet Dough balls, fried in a thick Rose and Saffron Syrup


Ras Malai

Tender pieces of curdled Sweet Milk with Pistachio and Rose Essences


Labe Shireen

Fruit Flavored Custard mixed with Jelly, Nuts, Cream, and Fresh Fruits

Rs. 510

 Kulfa Faluda

Summertime Treat, made with infused Cardamom Milk

Rs. 510

 Seasonal Halwa

Carrot/Pumpkin/Walnuts (Availability depends on Season)

Rs. 490


Curdled Sweet milk with pistachio, diluted in a Rose water syrup

Rs. 450

Seasonal Fruit Platter

Assorted Fruit (Availability depends on Season)

Rs. 650


Beverages Menu

Juices, Soft Drinks & Mineral Water


 Desi Mashrubat 

Aalubukhare ka Sharbat Rs. 370 

Meethi Lassi Rs. 390 

Namkeen Lassi Rs. 390 

Shakarcola Rs. 410 

Shikajabeen Rs. 370



Serena Lemonade Rs. 510

A truly reFreshing drink of Fresh Lime and Grenadine, Topped with 7up

 Mint Lemonade Rs. 470

A thirst quencher delight with 7-up and Fresh Mint


Pina-Colada Rs. 570

Pineapple Juice mixed with Coconut Cream and a hint of Lime, topped with a Pineapple Slice


Pineapple Sunshine Rs. 550

Orange & pineapple Juice with a hint of Lime, topped with 7up


November Sea Breeze Rs. 530

A refreshing combination of Cranberry & Apple

Citronelle Rs. 510

Sparkling bubbly blend of Apple & Mint


Tea/ Coffee Selection


 Tea Selection Rs. 350

Iced Tea Rs. 370

Coffee Rs. 400

Cold Coffee Rs. 510

Opening Hours

Dinner: 7:00pm - 10:00pm


T: +92 51 111 133 133