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Tourism Promotion Services trading under the brand name Serena Hotels pioneered a new form of Tourism over 40 years ago. The Company was founded with the strategy that very few locations are unsuitable for tourism activities and that it is often possible to combine developmental objectives with real economic sustainability and profitability for multiple stakeholders and destinations. It strived to bring best practices in social, cultural, environmental and economic development to some of the most deprived, remotest and yet alluring but most fragile areas in the world. Whilst developing its properties in areas relatively excluded from globalization, Serena Hotels relies on an ethical framework, in-depth risk and environmental analyses and a policy of constant innovation. It has contributed towards economic growth, development of tourism and a range of ancillary services, development of local human resources, as well as conservation of cultural and natural heritage, while reducing the ecological foot print of its properties to the minimum possible.

The Company focuses on innovation and programs that respond to the needs of the environment, economy and society/communities – the fundamental tenets of Sustainability. Serena Hotels continues to play its part by aligning its programs towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set out by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). These help to direct the Company’s sustainable development agenda by aiming to inspire its various stakeholders take a wider consideration encompassing a long-term view when making business decisions.

Serena Hotels has integrated its initiatives under three key focus areas namely, Responsible Business, Environment and Community Engagement under the definition of “Sustainability.”


Serena Hotels has remained sensitive towards improving and preserving the environment in which it operates. Responsible management of natural resources in our operations has been a part of our business since construction of our first hotel over four decades ago. As the Company expands, developments and operations have and continue to be guided by a dynamic ecological-policy focusing on actions and projects related to climate change, water and energy conservation, air emissions, reducing and recycling waste to the extent possible, conserve biodiversity, restore natural habitats and respect of local tradition, culture and heritage.