Spectacular Hunza Valley Hotel

Hunza Serena Inn embodies the boundless spirit of the idyllic and breathtakingly beautiful Hunza Valley. Nestled among six acres of lush, green terraced fields and landscaped gardens as well as cherry, apricot, walnut and apple orchards in the town of Karimabad (formerly Baltit), this charming hotel infuses guests with an aura of ancient stillness and tranquillity. Surrounded by awe-inspiring views of snow-capped mountains and the Hunza River, guests not only enjoy abundant recreational adventures, but leave with a sense of having been intensely transformed by their visit.

From anywhere on the grounds, including the guest rooms and tents, guests at our Hunza hotel can witness the grandeur of a landscape that stirs the soul and quiets the mind. Inspired by tradition, the hotel - from the social areas, restaurants and rooms to the furnishings and décor - combines simple colonial elegance with authentic touches of the region’s culture and heritage.

To ensure that our guests enjoy the experience of a lifetime, we’ve created a diverse range of activities that captures the history, lifestyles and natural beauty of the area. From hiking to the base camp of Mount Rakaposhi or exploring the age-old forts of Altit & Baltit and Ganish Town to strolling the grounds and contemplating the dramatic mountain scenery, there are myriad ways to connect with this land of wonder and spirituality during your stay at our Hunza hotel.

Once you arrive at Hunza Serena Inn, your real journey begins.