A Timelessly Enchanting Destination in Hunza

Serena Altit Fort Residence is a unique accommodation in Hunza Valley that will immerse you into the sights, sounds, tastes and history of Hunza, whilst offering an enchanting rendezvous with Nature. Situated at the footsteps of the 1100 years old Altit Fort, the Residence is surrounded by the enchanting Royal Garden and the medieval village of Altit-Khun, that has been restored by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture through its Historical Cities Programme. 

Serena Altit Fort Residence is tucked inside the sprawling Khabasi or Royal garden, the former picnic spot of the royal Mirs of Hunza, with its abundant apricot, peach and apple trees, happily flitting magpies and breathtaking views of the snow-capped Lady Finger, Ultar, Rakaposhi and Diran peaks. Choose from two distinct accommodation options; the Royal Garden Residence is a mountain-lodge built with local timber and stone, and featuring heritage artefacts of the former Mirs (Royal family) of Hunza.  Or opt for a stay in the Valley View Huts at the edge of the Royal Garden, offering modern comforts and amenities, along with dramatically spectacular views of the Hunza valley.  

Dine on authentic local cuisine and continental fare at the charming KhaBasi restaurant run by local women offering panoramic vistas under the shade of ancient trees. Take a stroll along the winding pathways of the Altit Khun village and experience a glimpse into the original way of life of the Hunzakuts. While there, meet the remarkable women of the CIQAM women social enterprise that are changing the fate of their communities by excelling in traditionally male-dominated industries like carpentry.

The Serena Altit Fort Residence is your gateway to experience the heartwarming uniqueness of the Hunza Valley.