The property is designed for leisure stay and doensn’t feature formal meeting facilities however, it can be considered for corporate retreats, small informal meetings and small scale outdoor events. 

For unique events that introduce your guests to the local Altit culture, history and people, we can arrange for picnic lunches and themed dinners followed by cultural shows, music and dances at nearby attractions like the Lief Larsson Music School and the Altit Village square. 

Additional team building destinations and activities include:

  • Ganish Town and the Ancient Buddha rock carvings (5-minute drive)
  • Gulmit, Old House, Museum, Suspension Bridge (45 min drive)
  • Black Glacier and trek from Ghulkin to Borith Lake (one-and-a-half hour trek)
  • Borith Lake with salt water (one-and-a-half hour drive)
  • Passu Glacier (one-and-a-half hour drive)
  • Khunjrab Pass (China border at an elevation of 15,500 feet above sea level (three-hour drive)
  • Khunjrab National Park (three-hour drive)
  • Mount Rakaposhi Base Camp (one-hour drive and three-hour trek)
  • Hisper Glacier (four-hour drive)
  • Hoper (one and half-hour drive)
  • Duiker - Eagles Nest (30 -minute drive)
  • Baltit Fort, 713 year old (10 -minute drive)
  • Altit Fort, over 1000 year old (2 min walk)