This bakery and patisserie is located at the lobby level near the shopping arcade. When you step into Rakaposhi, you can’t help but be enchanted by the rich aromas of freshly baked French pastries, cakes and breads, ice creams, flavoured teas and speciality coffees. Opt for something a little more substantial, the club sandwich or beef tenderloin steak, perhaps, and pair your selection with one of the freshly squeezed juices or creative “mocktails.” Indoor and outdoor seating is available.

Our Beverage Bar

 Specialties From our Barista

 Throughout the day, we are offering a selection of refreshing & flavourful beverages, which includes:

 Hot and cold teas and coffees (espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate,americano, café latté)

and more to accompany a wide variety of flavoured macaroons, Pakistani sweets,

delicious cookies and chocolate pralines


We are also offering a variety of:

Imported sparkling and still water, soft drinks, mocktails,seasonal freshly squeezed fruit juices,

milk shakes, ice-cream shakes, daiquiris, smoothies and iced drinks.


From Our Bakery Display Counter

 Try one of our freshly baked breakfast items served throughout the day,

including sweet to savory specialties like:

 Plain muffin, chocolate muffin, carrot raisin muffin, plain croissant, pain au chocolat,

cheese croissant


Vegetable patty, chicken patty,lamb patty, beef patty, curry puff

 A wide range of specialty artisan breads


From our Pastry Display Counter

Serena’s Signature

A wide variety of freshly homemade international pastries & traditional Pakistani sweets;

 Mille-feuille, eclairs, black forest cake, pineapple cream cake, Saint-honoré Paris-brest,

mousse cake, chocolate cake

Do not forget to ask your servers about our collection of special birthday,

celebratory and signature cakes that you may like to take home and share

with your family and friends


Pastry Chef’s Choice

 New York cheesecake served with raspberry coulis Rs. 475

Classic crème brûlée with bourbon vanilla Rs. 550

Orange velvet cream cake Rs. 395

Banana bread mug cake Rs. 325

Éclairs – vanilla – coffee – chocolate Rs. 250

Mille-feuille vanilla – chocolate – pistachio Rs. 350

Homemade belgian chocolate pralines – Rs. 110 per unit

Fresh homemade macaroons – Rs. 150 per unit

Assorted Pakistani sweets – Rs. 1,350 / Kg


Delicious Homemade Ice cream and Sorbets Include: 

Vanilla, chocolate chip, coffee, strawberry, kulfa, tutti frutti ice creams

Selection of sorbets with your choice of sauce

(Chocolate or vanilla)

Per scoop Rs. 295


Breakfast Menu

Served from 8:00 am till Noon


Two Fresh Farm Eggs Rs. 650

(Whole eggs or egg whites only)

Cooked your way; fried, scrambled, boiled, poached or omelet


Italian Courgette Frittata Rs. 650

Serve with lightly toasted bread


Anda Ghotala Rs. 625

Scrambled eggs with chopped tomato, onion, ginger, coriander, green chili

served with chapati bread


Pakistani Omelet Rs. 625

With tomato, green chili and onions

served with chapati bread


Smoked Salmon Platter Rs. 2,450

Capers, lemon and cream cheese

served with lightly toasted bread


Energy Cup Rs. 575

Muesli with honey, yogurt, grated green apple and grapes


Express Lunch 

Served from 12 noon 2:30 pm - within 20 minutes


Express 1: Rs. 1,650

Soup of the day, chicken paratha roll or Caesar salad

Express 2: Rs. 1,850

Soup of the day, club sandwich or beef cheeseburger

1 dessert from the counter



Soup of the Day Rs. 575

Please ask for our today’s special soup


Chilled Andalusian Gazpacho (V) Rs. 575

Served with olive ciabatta croutons


Pistou Soup (V)  Rs. 650

Southern france traditional rich vegetable soup


Roasted Tomato and Red Bell Pepper Soup (V)  Rs. 575

Olive and basil croutons



All sandwiches and burgers are served with crispy fries and apple coleslaw


Open-Faced Sandwich

Soft Milk Bread and choose your topping:

Tuna egg salad Rs. 1,550

Roast beef and sundried tomato Rs.1,650

Grilled chicken & honey mustard dressing Rs. 1,450

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, caper dill lemon Rs. 1,850

Tomato & mozzarella with pesto Rs. 1,450

Smashed avocado & egg-quarter Rs. 1,750


Serena Club Sandwich   Rs. 1,550

Multigrain or White Toasted Bread:

Grilled chicken, turkey bacon, fried egg, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and crispy lettuce


Chicken Tikka Club Sandwich Rs. 1,450

Double-decker sandwich – layers of tandoori chicken, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs,

crispy lettuce, cheddar cheese and a spicy mayonnaise dressing



 Toasted sesame bun with mustard mayo and avocado guacamole


Breaded fried chicken burger   Rs. 1,350

Beef fillet burger   Rs. 1,575

Or with cheese Rs. 1,675

Or with beef bacon

Grilled chicken burger Rs. 1,350

Veggie burger (V)  Rs. 1,550

Chickpeas, quinoa, black beans, beetroot, bell peppers and fresh herbs


Roll up 

Beef Bihari Rs. 1,350

Grilled beef rolled in flaky paratha bread with garlic mayo

served with mint and tamarind sauce


Chicken Paratha Roll Rs. 1,250

Grilled chicken in a flaky paratha bread with garlic mayo

served with mint and tamarind sauce


Cajun Prawn Roll  Rs. 1,850

Sauteèd prawns with Cajun spices in a flaky paratha bread with garlic aioli



 Served with crispy fries and coleslaw


Southwestern Steak and Cheddar Rs. 1,650

Ciabatta bread: tender juicy meat, sweet peppers and buttery smooth cheddar


Smoked Turkey, Brie and Pear Rs. Rs. 1,850

Ciabatta bread: fig jam, smoked turkey, brie cheese and finely sliced pear


Croque-Monsieur Rs.1,750

Ciabatta bread: toasted ham and cheese


Salads & Appetizers 

Caesar Salad (V) Rs. 1,150

Romaine and iceberg lettuce tossed with caesar dressing served in crispy

parmesan cheese basket

Add:cajun spiced grilled chicken breast Rs. 325

Add: Grilled prawns Rs. 750

Pearl Barley Salad (V) Rs. 1,150

Lettuce, chickpeas, toasted almonds, crudités, pomegranate dressing and crushed nachos


Chilled Ratatouille Panzanella Salad (V) Rs. 1,250

Grilled and stacked seasons vegetables, herb- parmesan dressing


Avocado Tomato Papaya Salad (V) Rs. 1,650

Chunks of avocado & papaya with lemongrass and lime dressing

Season’s Melon and Feta Cheese Salad Rs. 1,050

Tossed pumpkin seeds citrus and mint dressing


Caprese Salad Rs. 1,750

Layered tomato-fresh mozzarella, basil pesto, rucola & breadsticks


Smoked Salmon Platter Rs. 2,450

Apple coleslaw salad, peppered cucumber and rucola



All our pastas are cooked “Al Dente” (cooked firm to the bite)


Lasagna al Forno Rs. 1,350

Hearty and delicious, classic lasagna oven bolognese gratinated


Penne or Spaghetti al Pomodoro Rs. 1,150

Spaghetti tossed in a chunky tomato sauce, fresh basil and grated parmesan cheese


Penne all’arrabbiata (V) Rs. 1,175

Penne pasta in tomato sauce with olive oil, garlic and fresh red chili


Spaghetti Bolognese (Ragu Alla Bolognese) Rs. 1,275

Spaghetti with tasty beef & tomato sauce, grated parmesan cheese


Spaghetti alla Carbonara Rs. 1,350

Spaghetti with turkey bacon bits, egg and grated parmesan cheese


Tagliatelle al Pesto (V) Rs. 1,275

Garlic, olive oil, fresh basil paste with pine seeds, grated parmesan


Carrot and Sweet Potato Gnoocchi’s (V)  Rs. 1250

Served with sicilian tomato sauce with zucchini, raisins and basil

 Add cajun spiced grilled chicken breast Rs. 300

Add: grilled prawns Rs.700


Deep Pan Pizza

 Medium-thick crust with delicious cheese running down the outside and loaded with

yummy ingredients

All pizzas made with tomato coulis and topped with mozzarella


Chicken Tikka Rs. 1,250

Tender pieces of chicken in a spicy yoghurt marinade, cooked in a tandoor clay oven


Margherita (V) Rs. 1,050

Oregano, fresh basil


Athena Rs. 1,250

Feta cheese, bell pepper, black olives, oregano, mixed salad


Vesuvio Rs.  1,195

Fried garlic, beef chorizo, fresh chili, bell pepper, hard-boiled egg, rucola


Siciliana Rs. 1,350

Anchovy, capers, hard-boiled egg, oregano, fresh basil


Quattro Fromaggi Rs. 1,775

(Four Cheeses)

Blue cheese, goat cheese, feta cheese, brie, oregano


Quattro Stagioni Rs. 1,550

(Four Seasons)

Bell pepper, artichokes, olives, smoked turkey, beef salami, oregano


Main Dishes 

Rakaposhi Signature Dishes


Classic Fish and Chips Rs. 1,850

Batter-fried red snapper and large hand-cut fries served with tartar sauce


Beef Stroganoff Rs. 1,550

Slow simmered and served with large hand-cut fries


From The Grill

Served with a choice of;

Crispy fries or roast potato wedges, roasted seasonal vegetables, tomato creole sauce


Lamb chops Rs. 1,900

Lamb chop imported Rs. 4,250

Beef tenderloin skewer Rs. 1,775

Chicken skewers Rs. 1,675

Rack of salmon Rs. 3,150

Fillet of red snapper Rs. 2,150

Fillet of trout (market availability) Rs. 2,550

Prawns Rs. 3,250



Beef medallions   Rs. 1,575

 Mozzarella Baked Chicken  Rs. 1575

Roast chicken breasts filled with mozzarella and gratinated with tomato sauce

and mushrooms served with large hand-cut fries


Signature Drinks

 Pina Colada Rs. 585

Pineapple juice mixed with coconut cream and hint of lime


Serena Lemonade Rs. 545

A truly refreshing combination of fresh lime grenadine and 7up


Mojito Rs. 565

Club soda with fresh mint, lemon chunks and brown sugar


Serena Smash Rs. 525

Combination of orange juice with crushed ice topped with strawberry sauce


Coconut Punch Rs. 575

Coconut milk grenadine syrup and 7 up with crushed ice


Granita Ice Blend MOcktail Rs. 675

 Tropical Ice

Granite ice blend with peach, grapes, apple


Citrus Ice

Granita ice blend with orange, lemon juice, mango & mint syrup


Forest Berry

Granita ice blend with strawberry syrup, blueberry and apple


Ginger Lime Mint Granite

Super refreshing ice blend with ginger, lime & mint leaves


Banana Cooler

Classic ice blend with orange, banana, fruit cocktail & mint


Tea, Shakes and Smoothies

 Fruit Shakes Rs. 570

Please ask your server for our seasonal fruit shakes

(Mango, pineapple, strawberry, apple and banana)

 Milk Shakes Rs. 570


Caramel apple

Banana strawberry combo


Ice Cream Shakes Rs. 550



Tutti fruitti



Lassi Rs. 410

Lassi (sweet or saltish)


Smoothies Rs. 410

Strawberry, mango, apple, banana, date and carrot


Seasonal Fruit Daiquiri Rs. 590

Mango, orange, strawberry, grapes


Please ask your server or a selection of your thirst quenching mocktails,

daily specials and signature drinks.



Hot Tea Rs. 375

Hot mint

Earl grey



Masala tea

Traditional mixed tea

English breakfast

Green tea


Cold Tea Rs. 385

Ice tea

Mint tea

Ice lemonade

Iced green tea

Pepper mint tea

Lemon ice tea


Soft Drinks & Juices


Tonic water Rs. 470

Club soda Rs. 370

Evian (500 ml) Rs. 570

Evian (1.5L) Rs. 850

Perrier water (330ml) Rs. 630

Mineral water (0.3L) Rs. 240

Mineral water (1.5L) Rs. 350

San pellegrino (700 ml) Rs. 1090


Canned Soft Drinks

7 Up Rs. 370

Sprite . 370

Diet 7 Up Rs. 370

Mirinda  Rs. 370

Coca cola Rs. 370

Fresh lime (7up/soda) Rs. 370

Diet coke Rs. 370

Ginger ale Rs. 430

Non alcoholic beer Rs. 450


Seasonal Freshly Squeezed Vegetable Juices Rs. 690

Mixed vegetables





Canned Juices  Rs. 370





Fruit cocktail


Seasonal Freshly Squeezed Fresh Juices

Please ask your server for selection of seasonal juices


Orange juice





Opening Hours

Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m., daily


T:+92 51 111 133 133