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This all-day dining restaurant serves buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner along with an a la carte menu. A fusion of ethnic Pakistani culinary specialties and sumptuous continental favourites crafts an unforgettable dining experience enhanced by views across the hotel’s delightful water pools and gardens. Select from the à la carte menu or choose the lunch and dinner buffets offering an array of specialty dishes. Indoor and outdoor seating are available.

The Sunday Brunch combines the finest international cuisines such as Thai, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Middle Eastern and Western along with traditional Pakistani specialties. You can also choose dishes cooked à la minute by chefs at live cooking stations, delivering food straight from the pan to the plate.

The restaurant also features a sumptuous Hi-Tea from 4:00pm-6:00pm everyday.

Ala Carte Menu

Express Lunch

Express 1: Rs. 1,450

Soup of the day, chicken paratha roll or Caesar salad

Express 2: Rs. 1550

Soup of the day, chicken paratha roll or chicken Caesar salad

Express 3: Rs. 1,650

Soup of the day, club sandwich or beef cheeseburger and a dessert from the menu

Starters & Appetizers

Caesar Salad (Choice of your preferred)

Plain     Rs. 1,350   -   Chicken      Rs. 1,590   -     Shrimps    Rs. 2,150

Romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing served in parmesan cheese basket

 Smoked Salmon Platter.   Rs. 2,250

Apple coleslaw salad, peppered cucumber and rucola

 Chef’s Salad       Rs. 2,050

Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, sweet pepper, boiled egg, cheese strips,

slices of smoked turkey, cajun chicken breast served with thousand island dressing


Italian Pizzaiolo Salad      Rs. 1,250

Mixed green lettuce, cherry tomatoes, black olives, avocado & boiled egg with

toasted focaccia & Italian dressing 

Eden Garden Vegetables & Seasonal Fruits Salad     Rs. 1,250

Iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, cucumber, black olives, beetroot,

carrot and seasonal fruit with lemon honey mustard dressing



Soup of the Day    Rs. 670

(Please ask for our special soup of the day)

Chilled Andalusian Gazpacho     Rs. 550

(Served with olive ciabatta croutons)

Roasted bell peppers & Tomato soup      Rs. 750

(Mild spice Mexican tomatoes & bell peppers topped with garlic herb croutons)


Serena Club Sandwich  Rs. 1,390

(White or Brown Toasted Bread)

Grilled chicken, turkey bacon, fried egg, cheddar cheese, tomato and

crispy lettuce served with potato crisps

 Open-Face Trio Rs. 1,350

Multigrain or White Toasted Bread:

Philadelphia cheese, smoked salmon, caper dill lemon and honey

mustard dressing,cherry tomato and avocado

 Chicken Paratha Roll  Rs. 1,050

Grilled chicken in a flaky paratha bread with garlic mayo

 Beef Bihari Rs. 1,050

Grilled beef rolled in flaky paratha bread with garlic mayo, served with mint and

tamarind sauce


Beef Fillet Burger  Rs. 1,550 or with Cheese  Rs. 1,650

 Grilled Chicken Burger  Rs. 1,450


Continental Dishes

(All dishes served with crispy fries or potato wedges, roasted seasonal vegetables

and tomato creole sauce)


Lamb Chops (Local)       Rs. 1,900

Lamb Chops (Imported)            Rs.3,600

Chicken Parmesan        Rs. 1,950   

Beef Piccata Milanese style   Rs. 1,950

Fillet of Red Snapper      Rs. 1,950

Fillet of Salmon   Rs. 2,600

Prawns   Rs. 3,150


Pakistani Dishes

(All dishes served with steamed white rice)


Chicken Karahi   Rs. 1,390

Boneless chicken cubes in a mild Pakistani curry, topped with butter and yogurt


Mutton Karahi    Rs. 1,590

Boneless mutton cubes in a mild Pakistani curry, topped with butter and yogurt


Chicken Biryani   Rs. 1,150

Traditional aromatic Pakistani basmati rice with cardamom and cinnamon


Mutton Biryani    Rs. 1,550

Traditional aromatic Pakistani basmati rice with cardamom and cinnamon


Chicken Qorma Badami   Rs. 1,190

Chicken pieces cooked in yoghurt and brown onions with traditional spices & almonds


Palak Paneer   Rs. 850

Spinach cooked in Pakistani spices with homemade cottage cheese



Chicken Tikka    Rs. 1,250

Tender pieces of chicken in a spice yoghurt marinade, cooked in a tandoor (clay) oven


Margherita (V)    Rs. 1,050

Oregano and fresh basil


Calzone    Rs. 1,400

Grilled chicken, mushrooms, olives, sweet corn, mixed bell peppers & pineapple



Lasagna al Forno     Rs. 1,250

Hearty and delicious classic lasagna bolognese oven gratinated


Penne Arrabiata     Rs. 1,250

Penne pasta cooked in spicy tomato sauce with garlic & fresh basil

served with fresh parmesan cheese


 Fattuccine Pasta             Rs. 1,650

Fattuccine pasta tossed with garlic, chicken basil & coriander

pesto & parmesan cheese


Saffron Risotto       Rs. 1,550

Risotto cooked in saffron, chicken, olives and mushroom 



New York Cheese Cake Rs. 450

Served with mango coulis

 Delice Mango Parfait Rs. 520

 Lemon & Lime Meringue Pie Rs. 490

 Chocolate & Praline Mille-Feuille Rs. 550

 Rustic Apple Tart Rs. 350

 Fresh Fruit Platter Rs. 775

A variety of seasonal fresh fruits.

Delicious homemade Ice cream and Sorbets

(Please ask the order-taker for available flavors)

 Per Scoop Rs. 350  

(Served with your choice of sauce (chocolate or vanilla))



Juices, Soft Drinks & Mineral Waters


Soft Drinks Canned       Rs. 370

Canned Juices               Rs. 370

Sweet & Salty Lassi       Rs. 475

Tonic Water                   Rs. 490

Ginger Ale                     Rs. 650

Non-Alcoholic Beer         Rs. 590

Club Soda                      Rs. 450

Min. Water –¬ 1.5 L       Rs. 370

Min. Water – 0.5 L         Rs. 250

Evian Water – 1.5 L        Rs. 900

Evian Water – 0.5 L       Rs. 590

Perrier – 330 Ml             Rs. 690

Pellegrino – 750 Ml        Rs. 1250

Fresh Lime Can               Rs. 390

Seasonal Fruit Juices

(Please ask your server for the selection of seasonal juices) 

Serena Lemonade   Rs. 575

A truly refreshing drink of lemon and grenadine topped with bubbly lemon & lime soda


Mint Lemonade   Rs. 550

A thirst quencher with fresh mint


Pina-Colada   Rs. 585

Pineapple juice mixed with coconut cream & a hint of lime, topped with bubbly

lemon & lime soda


Cold Coffee

Iced coffee with milk    Rs. 470

Cold coffee with ice cream    Rs. 510

Iced Tea   Rs. 375 (Iced tea, iced tea with lemon, iced green tea)

Coffee Selection

Pot of fresh coffee   Rs. 400

Decaffeinated   Rs. 400

Single espresso   Rs. 430

Double espresso   Rs. 510

Cappuccino   Rs. 510

Americano Rs. 400

Café latte   Rs. 460


Tea Selection Rs. 375

Earl Gray Tea, English Breakfast Tea

Darjeeling Fruit Tea, Green Tea, Jasmine Tea

Lipton Lemon Tea, Green Tea, Chamomile Herbal Tea

All prices are subject to sales tax

Opening Hours

Hours: 6:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m., daily

Hi-Tea: 4:00 p.m. -6:00 p.m., daily


T:+92 51 111 133 133