Golf course at Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa

Aeriel View of 18-Hole Golf Course and Marina at Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa

Golf Course & Marina View

Aeriel View of the Golf Course at Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa

Golf Course & Marina

Best Golf Course In Uganda

On the banks of Lake Victoria lies our beautiful, picture perfect golf resort with a 18-hole golf course designed by Golf Plan Inc USA with a challenging layout for golfers of all skill levels. The views of the lake and its surroundings are soft on the eye with ample bird life, while each hole has a different and relaxed feel to it. Its unique features include a finishing hole with an island green that is not seen in many courses. Rated among the best courses in the region and the first golf course in Uganda to have bent grass, the course is in great condition and fits in the profiles of top golf courses around the world. Additional amenities and services include a driving range, caddies, a halfway house, equipment rentals and golf pros to provide lessons to both juniors and adults.

The world-class Clubhouse is the first in Uganda to have a fully stocked pro shop and comes complete with two restaurants, one bar, a conference room and locker rooms as well as ladies’ and gents’ steam rooms.

a conference room and locker rooms as well as ladies’ and gents’ steam rooms.

The Marina

The resort’s boating marina on Lake Victoria is located on a manmade bay featuring a channel and yacht basin with moorings for yachts and motorboats. From here, you can set off for a relaxing adventure on the calm waters of Lake Victoria whilst enjoying a specially prepared picnic. Take a trip to Paradise Island and view the exotic birdlife or cruise to Ngamba Island, a chimpanzee Sanctuary where guests can participate in feeding the animals. Additionally, we offer dawn, lunch and sundowner cruises for small groups.


  • Golf training facility
  • Club house
  • Pro-shop.

Golf Rules

Golf Etiquette.

  • Courtesy is the first requisite of Golf.
  • Please be quite when other Golfers are at play.
  • Please repair all divots, pitch marks and repair all bunkers.
  • Slow players and those looking for Golf balls should allow faster players to pass trough.
  • Adhere to dress code at all times while on the Golf course.

Local Rules.

  • All players must register at the Pro shop/Reception before proceeding to the tee.
  • Golf Professionals are allowed 2 complimentary rounds per month (caddie fees for own account).
  • We encourage all Golfers to practice and set an example on repairing divots and pitch marks.
  • We discourage all Golfers from using mobile phones as a distraction to other Golfers.
  • Please use caddies allocated to you by the caddie master only.
  • All water hazards have got drop zones. (1 stroke penalty).
  • Lateral hazard drop 2 club lengths at point of entry (1 stroke penalty).
  • Native grass (ruby grass) please treats ruby grass as a lateral hazard. Play as it lies or take relief from point of entry 2 club lengths not nearer the hole  (1 stroke penalty).
  • Relief may be taken from staked tree marked with a plastic tag.
  • All outside alcohol and consumable food is forbidden.
  • All players must be aware of others on the course and shout the word “FORE” to warn others.
  • During thunder and lightning storms please refer to signage on tee 1 & 10 for all safety reasons.

Club House Rules


Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa

  • Allotted time for 18 holes is no more than 4h50min including a compulsory halfway stop of no more than 15 minutes.
  • Sandbags or sand bottles are compulsory when playing – please fill your divots, repair your pitch marks and rake bunkers.
  • Carts are not to be driven within 10 meters of green- or tee complexes.
  • Obey the course marshals at all times – failure to do so may result in players being asked to leave the course.
  • Players who have finished a hole must leave the green and cart path adjacent to the green immediately and must not first fill in their scorecards or linger around. If they do not do so they expose themselves to serious injury.
  • Players must not tee off or play any shot until they are certain that the players ahead of them are out of reach and that there is no possibility of reaching the players ahead of them. Failure to adhere to this rule may cause serious injury or even death of a player ahead of them.


  • No one should move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.
  • The player who has the honour should be allowed to play before his opponent or fellow-competitor tees his ball.
  • All players must be aware of others on the course and shout the word ‘fore’ to warn others if necessary.
  • Players must play without undue delay.
  • Players searching for a ball must allow faster following players to play through and should not continue their play until these players are out of range.
  • Before leaving a bunker a player should rake the bunker leaving it in better condition than he/she found it.
  • All divots made on fairways and teeing areas should be filled with sand.
  • A player should repair his/her pitch mark and assist the club by repairing any others they might find.
  • The flagstick should be carefully removed and placed on the green and properly replaced in the hole before the players leave the putting green.
  • When the play of the hole has been completed the players should leave the green complex immediately.
  • No player should play until the players in front are out of range.


  • Players are to keep up with the players ahead at all times and in the interest of all players should play without delay.
  • Time allotted for 18 holes including Half Way stop is NOT more than 4h50 minutes.
  • If a 4 ball falls a hole behind they will be warned by the Course Marshall and upon a second warning, a 2 Stroke penalty may be imposed or thereafter may be requested to leave the Golf Course.
  • Unless playing in a medal competition round, players must pick up the ball when they can no longer score.
  • Players searching for a ball should allow other players coming up to pass them: they should signal to the players following them to pass; and should not continue their play until those players have passed and are out of range.


  • It is compulsory for players to register with the Pro Shop/Golf Reception before the commencement of play.
  • Players must report to the Pro Shop/Golf Reception ready to go onto the tee at least 10 minutes before their tee-off time. If they are late they may forfeit their tee-off time.
  • No person may play golf on the Golf Course without the approval of the Pro Shop. Persons entering the Golf Course do so at their own risk.


  • Strictly only Golfers allowed on the golf course.
  • Only Players may use the practice facilities
  • No Track running is allowed on the golf cart paths.
  • You may be asked to leave the Golf course at any given time should you not be a Player.


  • Nobody may practice chipping onto the greens on the course, nor may anyone practice putting on these greens at any time
    other than as permitted during a Competition Round under Rule 7-2 of the Rules of Golf. .
  • When playing a practice round, a player may have a maximum of two (2) balls in play, which must be played
    continuously, according to the rules provided that other players are not delayed.


  • A maximum handicap of 30 for men and 36 for ladies is permissible at Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort. Players who are beginners or have higher handicaps than stipulated are required to make an appointment with the Golf Manager to be assessed before playing golf so that special instructions and playing times can be arranged if necessary.
  • All players at Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort are subject to the Rules of Golf as published by the R&A from time to time and in addition Competitions will be subject to the Handicap Regulations as published by the Uganda Handicapping society from time to time.


General Stipulations

  • Members may book anytime in advance,
  • Hotel Guest may book anytime in advance.
  • Day visitors may book 1 month in advance.
  • Preferred tour operators 6 months, and corporates 1 year.
  • The financial / playing ban penalties for “no-shows” will be adjudicated by the Golf Club Committee. These penalties will apply throughout the High / Members Season.
  • Members may have 3 guests at any time at the preferred member guest rate.


  • Members who fail to present themselves for a time that they have booked for themselves and any guests will be charged at the member’s guest rate for their own and their guests missed booking, unless they have cancelled at least 24 hours before the tee-off time.
  • Cancellations should be made at least 24 hours ahead of time.




  • Golf carts must be driven on the cart paths at all times, unless there is a local rule to the contrary. Players and non-players must check the local rule with the Pro Shop/Reception before driving on the course with a golf cart if they are not certain of the ruling.
  • Golf carts must not be driven within 15 meters of the greens and tees unless on the cart paths. This rule applies not only to the front of the greens and tees but also to behind and to the sides of greens and tees.
  • A maximum of two golf carts per 4ball is allowed on the course unless a special arrangement has been made with the Club..


  • Score cards must be handed in at the Pro Shop directly after the completion of play.
  • Competition score cards must be correctly completed and signed by both player and marker, otherwise the player will be disqualified.
  • In the event of a tie, the following procedures will be used to determine the winner
  • Club Championships

Gross Score
In the event of a tied winning gross score in any division for the annual Club Championships, the winner will be determined by a sudden death play-off. The play-off will take place on holes 16, 17, 18 until an outright winner can be determined. The winner will be the first player to record a lower gross score on any of the above-mentioned holes. If no result can be achieved due to weather conditions or any other problems, the play-off will be postponed to the first available Saturday following the Club Championships.

Net Score
In the case of a tie for the Net prizes, the player with the lower handicap wins the count out. If the players have the same handicap the back nine (holes 10-18) gross score determines the winner. If the back nine scores are equal the count out is then determined by the player with the lowest gross score on individual holes beginning with stroke index 1.

  • Betterball Stableford/ 4 ball Alliance

In a case of a tie the Alliance/Betterball score on the back 9 holes will determine the winner. If still a tie the last 6 holes, then the last 3 and then stroke index 1, 2, 3 ect.

  • Individual Stableford .

In a case of a tie the Stableford l score on the back 9 holes will determine the winner. If still a tie the last 6 holes, then the last 3 and then stroke index 1, 2, 3 ect.


The Club’s intention is to uphold quality dress sense at all times. These guidelines are set to assist Members, Guests and the Management of your Club.



  • Recognized golf footwear with soft spikes
  • Tailored long trousers
  • Tailored golf shorts
  • Cargo style tailored golf pants with flat pockets
  • Sport socks (any colour)
  • Recognized golf shirt or polo neck
  • Shirt with collar and sleeves
  • Shirt tucked into shorts/trousers with exception of shirts designed to be worn outside trousers
  • Golf caps with peak to the front (exception for very windy conditions)


  • Metal spikes
  • Sleeveless or collarless shirts or t-shirts
  • Denim shorts or denim trousers
  • Running shorts, rugby shorts, draw-string trousers or draw-string shorts
  • Tracksuits


  • Recognized golf footwear with soft spikes
  • Tailored skirt or trousers
  • Golf shorts
  • Recognized golf shirt or polo necks


  • Metal spikes
  • Denim shorts or denim trousers
  • Running shorts, athletic shorts, draw-string trousers, draw-string short
  • Tracksuits
  • Sun tops


  • Members, Members guest, day visitors and Hotel guest  are reminded that no food or beverage items may be brought into the club and consumed on the club’s premises. This includes all areas of the golf club, including but not limited to the club house, the function facilities, the club’s terrace, the parking areas and the golf course.”