Millat Ballroom

Employing the colour palette found in the Arbob Cultural Palace in Khujand, this festive room features the work of Tohirjon Uzakov. Overhead, richly painted panels reintroduce a traditional Tajik decorative craft. Indirect lighting turns the ceiling into a stunning visual feast enhanced by dazzling crystal chandeliers. The multi-coloured carpets, which further enrich the celebration, are inspired by Tajik suzani patterns. The Ballroom can accommodate up to 300 delegates for a variety of events.

Nilufer Meeting Room

This daylight-filled venue with a designated breakup area is ideal for small-size workshops and meetings able to accommodate up to 50 delegates in an array of custom-tailored setups.

Nastreen and Nargis Meeting Rooms

These venues are filled with natural light and feature a boardroom-style setup for meetings of up to 14 delegates.

Nastaran Meeting Room

This venue is filled with natural light and features a boardroom-style setup for meetings of up to eight delegates.

Serena Garden

The beautifully landscaped Serena Garden offers an inspiring open-air setting for corporate and social events of up to 500 delegates.