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Travel Agencies

Partner with Serena

The Serena Group values its relationship with the global travel agents in Asia and Africa very highly. We appreciate all the work and enthusiasm that our travel agents all over the world put into promoting our hotels, and we are committed to ensuring that not only does this yield optimum commission payments for them, but also that their clients enjoy travel experiences that exceed their expectations.

Ethics and Professionalism

As those who work with us are aware, and for those who would like to work as a travel agent, the Serena Group abides by a strict code of ethical standards and professional procedures when interfacing with our agents. We have also made every effort to ensure that our online booking system is fast and efficient to use. As part of this effort, we are pleased to offer a list of GDS codes, which will make bookings both faster to effect and more efficient to log.

Availability Reports

Kindly view availability reports for our properties below:

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