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Running north to south to join the Gilgit valley, the Ishkoman Valley divides the Karakoram Range from the Hindu Kush. Incorporated into Pakistan in 1972, it is about 100 kilometres to Chatorkhand and Phakora to the road head at Imit. There are five possible treks from the Ishkoman River through Phakora across the 4,600-metre Naltar Pass, 55 kilometres long, restricted-zone trek to the Chipursan valley, Koz Sar 6,677 metres, Chillinji Pass 5,291 metres and Karumber Pass 4,343 metres. The Ishkoman Pass is well used by locals going to Darkot or upper Chitral, but the route is narrower, higher, less scenic and less populated than the Asumbar Pass.