Among hotels in Pakistan, Quetta Serena Hotel is considered one of the premier showcases of authentic Balochi art and design. From traditional hanging lamps and walls adorned with intricate hand-woven carpets to the ornate floor pattern in the Gidan Lobby Lounge, the skill and craftsmanship of Balochi architects and artisans are evident throughout. In the rooms, classically decorated corners and niches and interiors ornamented with opulent Balochi carpets, curtains, cushions and rugs offer a unique sense of place.

The hotel’s meandering mud wall is one of its most distinctive exterior design elements, whilst the lush gardens, fountain courtyards and orchards planted with apple, apricot and cherry and mulberry trees provide a true urban oasis for relaxation and reflection. During the winter, a blanket of snow creates an ambience of stillness and serenity throughout the grounds.

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