One Of The Best Hotels In Khorog

At the rugged, mountainous border of Afghanistan from Tajikistan, in a setting that feels like no other place in Central Asia, you’ll find Khorog Serena Inn. It’s exceptionally peaceful here at the “Roof of the World,” framed by wood and stone architecture and majestic views of the Panj River and the Pamir Mountains. The hotel’s interiors are exceptionally cosy and intimate with six rooms and suites designed in the manner of a traditional Pamiri home. Elements of local heritage and culture can be found in design touches like wood ceilings, graceful antiques and furnishings and richly patterned fabrics. Social areas include an elegant Tajik-style lobby and an indoor/outdoor restaurant with river views. 

Partake in exhilarating experiences created to enrich your visit. Take a trekking tour through the Pamir Mountains. Browse for locally made clothing and antique jewellery at an Afghan market. During the evening, relax in a chair by the river and watch the sun set over the mountains. 

Inspired by its ancient mountain surroundings, Khorog Serena Inn infuses rustic charm and style with unmatched service and amenities befitting one of the finest hotels in Tajikistan.