Known as Fong-Khar, which in the local language means the “Palace on the Rock,” Serena Shigar Palace encompasses a 450-year-old Fort and 17th century Raja Palace nestled in the mountainous landscape of Baltistan, Pakistan.

From the traditional stone and wood architecture to the tranquil sight and sound of the Shigar stream flowing in front of the hotel, the experience here is that of a peaceful home away from home in an ancient, undisturbed wilderness. The hotel’s cherry orchards are quite well known, as is our fresh, homemade cherry ice cream and local Balti cuisine crafted with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables from our garden.

Within driving distance, there are many ways to surrender to the captivating beauty of the Shigar Valley. There are stunning natural treasures like the Katpana Desert, which is also known as the Cold Desert and is the highest desert in the world. Among the valley’s mountainous landscapes is K2, the second-highest mountain in the world, Trango Towers, Concordia Glacier amongst many other glaciers. Hotel guests can visit five nearby lakes in one day, with three offering boating facilities for charters and cruises.