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Serena Experiences in Africa & Asia

Discover nature, culture, cuisine, heritage and architecture

The Serena Hotels portfolio is a meticulously curated collection of 5-star properties in superb locations throughout Africa and Asia.

Each Serena destination offers a deep connection to its surroundings, with a character steeped in the culture, cuisine, heritage and architecture of its location. While each hotel is unique to its locale, what all share in common is a passion for the discovery and new experiences that make travel unforgettable. This passion is revealed through varied activities such as a traditional high tea, a cooking class taught by a master chef, or perhaps a winter stroll through an orchard slumbering beneath a blanket of snow, or a revitalising soak in a nearby hot spring.

At Serena Hotels, discerning executives and world travellers are invited to savour the essence of our destinations without having to compromise on comfort, amenities or service.